Who I am

Hi.  I am Hank! I am killer at loving and accepting. I love to experience life including the bad and the good. So read this medley about me and follow if you are keen!

To know a person is to be a person. Except being a person you don’t know who you are until you’ve already become it. I will never actually know myself yet I am the only person who will come close to knowing myself. So here is what I can tell you being the closest person to knowing who I am. I’ll break it down for you in a list of five points. Because people like lists.

First, I am bisexual. Yes, that makes me 100 percent more eligible to the other 50 percent of the world. No, I’m not open about it to the public. But to you, because you’re special, I am.

Secondly, I have brain bamage. In my senior year of high school I was in a car accident that left me broken from the head down: Truamatic Brain Injury, broken femur, and broken everything else. I am fully recovered now.

Thirdly, on June 2012 my father died from cancer. I love the old guy and miss him with my heart. This has traumatically affected me and set me on a fatherless path to manhood.

Fourthly, I am Catholic and an independent thinker. Catholic not in the traditional sense but the new age sense. I feel a connection to God through the Church, however I don’t feel a connection to condemning gays, going to war, or saying your path to God is wrong.

Fifthly, I left America to study in Australia. I am impulsive and do things here. Things that I haven’t done in America.

In this blog I am completely open about sex, beliefs, ideas and issues I face in the world. I invite you to experience what I experience in Australia and to share your beliefs with me.

Goodaye Mate! 😉Image